Officially launching in 2016, Char.Modeling was created by Charlotte Terry, a recent graduate of Columbus State University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, as a vision and source of empowerment, inspiration, and positivity.

Born and raised in Manchester, GA and once being a shy girl herself, Charlotte knew what it meant to have low self-esteem. From barely socializing with others to missing out on opportunities that she was fully capable of taking, Charlotte soon realized that fear and low self-esteem was slowly, yet surely beginning to rob her of her goals, dreams and aspirations. But, that too has ended.

During her 4 years of attending Columbus State University, Charlotte was blessed to have met extraordinary people, who are now considered lifetime friends, that  unknowingly taught her the true meaning of inspiration, determination, and the recognition of potential in one's self. Her lifelong shell has finally broken and she aims to express this new birth of confidence through her love for modeling and fashion, thus the creation of her own brand, Char.Modeling.

With the dream of becoming a print model, Char.Modeling is designed to showcase her modeling work and to provide updates on Charlotte's latest success stories and fashion blogs. But, there is far more to her brand than just that. Char.Modeling is a source of empowerment, inspiration, and positivity. It is designed "to embrace, to empower.

In the words of Charlotte, herself:

"Just as God has guided my beautiful, strong-willed family, my lifetime, goal-oriented friends and even strangers to motivate and inspire me to be the best that I can be, He can do the same for you. Know the potential within yourself. You want to be an artist/singer? Do it.  You want to be a doctor? Do it. You want to make history? Do it. You want to be an entrepreneur? Do it. Do what makes you happy, but do it RIGHTEOUSLY. Don't change who you are to receive validation from others. Inspire someone to be inspired. Spread the positivity by seeing the good in others, whether in beauty, intelligence, talent, personality, etc. Just embrace each other. Empower each other. Love yourself. LOVE EACH OTHER."

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"To Embrace. To Empower."