SUCCESS STORY - Being Featured In My First Magazine, Break Magazine!

Ever since I was in high school, I dreamed of being featured in a magazine. But back then, I was no where near the person I am today. So, that was just what I thought it would be, a dream. However, that all changed at the beginning of the year of 2017. Break Magazine, created by Kelly McBride, is a magazine publication aimed at breaking the norm. I had taken noticed that I was featured on their IG, @breakmagazine, which I am very grateful for. Prior to the release of Volume 1 of Break Magazine, I collaborated back in December 2016 with Jaris Tobler, an amazing photographer/videographer, Sineca Butler, an extremely talented makeup artist, and the incredible, talented hairstylist, Jalissa Marshall for a shoot in an elegant, red velvet dress. The images from that shoot were chosen by Break Magazine to be featured in the first volume, which, fortunately for me, centered around a velvet theme. To receive that news, I was incredibly shocked and extremely thankful to Break Magazine for this opportunity. It was an accomplishment that set a new level of goals for me, both short and long-term.

The tip I want you all to learn from this is that you should keep your work as professional as possible, especially on social media, and keep it as unique as possible. You never know who will spot your work and it could land you an opportunity of a lifetime. This was my first feature ever in a magazine and now I have set my goals where it will surely not be my last. I've also learned that it is vital to pay attention to submission deadlines and concept themes that magazine publications post on social media. Be creative and be different. It doesn't hurt to try. You never know where it will go!

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