Success Story: WALK Fashion Show Hits Atlanta, Georgia!

With more than 300+ models auditioning, WALK Fashion Show definitely brought out the crowd in Atlanta, Georgia. WALK is a very professional, established organization aimed to create and build independent artists, whether you are a model, designer, or behind-the-scenes. They tour internationally, hitting major cities like New York, Miami, LA, Atlanta, Detroit, and more. WALK Fashion Show has been my biggest success so far and I couldn't be anymore grateful for this experience.

WALK Fashion Show consisted of two auditions, in which the first one I could not make. However, I made it to the second one. With more than 300+ models auditioning, I definitely saw a challenge presented before me. Thankfully, I was successful with the auditions and it was the start of a new adventure for me in Atlanta's fashion industry for the very first time. 

WALK Fashion Show Atlanta Edition was held on June 3rd, 2017 at the beautiful Carlos Ballroom Center. Emerging designers and independent designers were given the opportunity to showcase their talent. Celebrity designer Stevie Boi, creator of the NOIR collection, was also showcasing his work at WALK Fashion Show. Although I didn't make the cut to model for his collection, I was chosen by 3 other designers including LA Pink, Kimfy, and M91. You can check out some of the images below. 

WALK Fashion Show taught me so many things and I want to share it with you all.

1. When a designer chooses you as their model, that is a PRIVILEGE and an HONOR. Not everyone has the opportunity to hit the runway, so when you are chosen, make the best of it. You are the muse and you have a duty to showcase that designer's product. 

2. Don't miss out on networking opportunities. This is one of my BIGGEST regrets. Once I was finished, I was finished. And if I could go back and change that, I would've stayed and networked. After researching and reading articles on the show, I found out some major icons were in the building, from photographers to celebrities. 

3. Stay prepared and professional. From auditioning to walking the runway the day of the show, you must remain prepared and professional. Backstage madness was oh so real. Bring extra clothing (black leggings, black or nude camis/ bras, etc.) because you never know what ideas the designer may have up his or her sleeve. And you have to be able to meet those needs. 

4. REMAIN HUMBLE. One of the greatest moments was when independent designer, KIMFY, thanked me for modeling for her clothing line. She reminded me to stay humble. Being humble will get you far. Trust me.

***TIP: During auditions, always have a 8 x 10 head shot or comp card. 


DESIGNER M91, Photographer: Tyrus Davis

DESIGNER KIMFY, Photographer: Belinda Vickerson

DESIGNER LA Pink, Photographer: Tony K. McCoy

Designer KIMFY

Designer Minique R Murphy, M91