Success Story: Being Nominated for the 2018 Girl Boss Awards Gala for Millennials!

To be honest, 2018 has been an eye opener when it comes to releasing that potential that you know you have. I’ve been working with my team and producing video content to promote different brands and their product/services. It was one of the scariest jumps I’ve had to take. Putting myself out there more and expressing my work through video content paved a way for others to see my personality and who I am as an individual and not through just images. Needless to say, taking that jump really paid off.

A dear friend of mine informed me of an awards gala that would be taking place in the city of Columbus, GA. Girlzz Who Hustle, a brand dedicated to acknowledging and empowering women who strive for greatness and success within the community, decided to host the Girl Boss Awards Gala for Millennials which recognizes women under the age of 35 within the community making a name for themselves through their businesses and brands. I instantly fell in love with the idea and the sense of positivity and empowerment. I decided to promote myself and get others to nominate me, hoping I would get nominated for a category.

And then, it happened.

I had received the news that I had not only been nominated for one category which was “Best Dressed Girl Boss”, but I was nominated for a major category, “Girl Boss of the Year.” When I saw it, it was like time stopped. And in that very moment, I felt God speaking to me, saying “Now, you see your purpose.” I was so excited. Being nominated for this gala had really shown me the purpose behind what I do. I want others to see that as long as God is the center of your brand, everything else will fall into place. People are watching you. Don’t ever think that they are not.

From choosing my formal dress to getting people to vote for me and the butterflies I felt in my stomach as the day got closer, preparing for that awards gala became one of the most memorable accomplishments of my life. I dreamed of attending a gala since I was little. And it was finally happening.

Even though I didn’t receive an award that night, my nomination was an award itself. But most importantly, it was a testimony to what God can do when you follow His plan, and not your own. I couldn’t be any more thankful for those who supported me during this moment of my life. It’s amazing how achievements such as this can push you to want to become even greater. I don’t want it to be a stopping point, but a checkpoint. A checkpoint that reminds me to keep going and continue to push for more greatness.

Don’t ever be afraid to show the world what you’re capable of. There are always people watching you. Not everyone will support you. But, there will be those who believe in your dreams just as strong as you do. They will become an anchor as you rise.

I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable experience. Until next time, stay connected with me. Leave any questions or thoughts in the comments.