Back in May, I took a chance and applied to be a brand ambassador for Masso Luxe. Based in California, Masso Luxe is a clothing brand that offers beautiful, elegant clothing and accessories that will definitely make a statement any and wherever you go. From rompers and jumpsuits to sunglasses and handbags, Masso Luxe proved to be a brand that I would love to promote for.

Long story short, I got an offer! Super excited and ready to collaborate. I ordered a pair of their Milan sunglasses in rose gold and pink. I instantly fell in love and was ready to create video content to promote their sunglasses. You can check out that video below on YouTube. Masso Luxe loved the video so much that they re-posted it on their Instagram page, promoting their sunglasses. Can you say "AWESOMEEE SAUCEEE?!" 

Brand ambassador opportunities can really gain you exposure and help get yourself out there. It's exposure, fun, and rewarding on both ends. Instagram is a powerful platform that can make that happen. If you know that you have what it takes to help promote a brand, don't be afraid to reach out and share your ideas. And who knows, that brand may want to offer bigger and better opportunities if they see what you are capable of and what you can offer. So, believe in yourself, reach out, and see what happens.

Be mindful when doing your research. Make sure the brand is legitimate.

I plan to continue to make video content promoting Masso Luxe's products. And, anything beneficial, I would love to share with you all. Stay connected with me for more content!

Make sure to check out their site: