Fashion Forward Friday: My Top 3 Accessories That Change My Outfits Instantly

Hello loves and Happy Friday!

We’ve reached the end of the week and I couldn’t be any happier. So for today’s Fashion Forward Friday blog, I want to discuss my top 3 accessories that I love to add that change my outfits instantly. Sometimes, accessories are the finishing touches to your outfit. It can change it from bleh to BOMB in an instant. And, it can help determine what look you’re really trying to go for whether it’s glamorous or cute and casual.

When it comes to putting my outfits together, deciding my accessories is my favorite part. So, let’s get to the fun part and discuss what my top 3 accessories are.

  1. Heels: Serving as #1, HEELS. At first, I was going to be broad and say shoes, but no. I decided to stick with heels. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HEELS. I wear them almost everyday and if you notice my ootd’s, I rarely don’t have on heels with my outfit. Heels are just a statement maker to me and I love experimenting with colors. It can change a boring outfit to a poppin one instantly. Heels just add that extra “yasssss” to my look and requires me to have great posture which is a plus for my confidence. When I look good, I feel good.

  2. Earrings: I love earrings, preferably statement-making earrings (meaning earrings that grab your attention) with bold colors/designs. I always find myself looking at different earrings when I go shopping. The reason why I rule earrings as my 2nd top accessory is because earrings truly can add the extra sass to your look. It can help bring out the colors of your outfit as well. Depending on the style and design of the earrings, it can change the look instantly and it helps grab attention. When I don’t have on earrings, I feel so empty. It’s a must.

    3 Purse/Handbags: My third top accessory would be handbags, I ruled it at #3 because I don’t normally rock handbags or purses with my outfits as much as I do my shoes and earrings. Maybe it’s because I tend to keep neutral, earth-tone color handbags that can be worn with any outfit rather than bold/vibrant color handbags. But don’t get me wrong. Handbags do help bring attention to your look. I have researched other fashion bloggers and I’ve noticed that some of the handbags/purses, ESPECIALLY FANNY PACKS, that they added to their look literally brought their outfit to life.

Soooo, what are your top 3 accessories that you recommend to change your outfits instantly? Share and comment your thoughts. See you all Sunday. Happy Friday!