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Words are a powerful tool. It can either build someone up or break them down. Each day, we will post a quote of the day to encourage and motivate you. Positivity never hurts. Inspire someone to be inspired.


Today's quote is to remind you who your anchor is. No matter what you may be facing, God is your security. Keep going. Move forward.


“I’m a big supporter of Char.Modeling for many reasons. The biggest being I have so much in common with Charlotte. I’m very shy and have a self confidence issue, but have always dreamed of designing and modeling my own clothing. I’ve had a few things throw me back from pursuing my dreams and I honestly was ready to give up. But then one day, I came across her account on Instagram and just happened to feel the urge to message her and ask how she got where she is, and unlike most, she replied back not only with a little history on her but with real intentions on helping me. She gave me real advice on how to get myself out there and she truly has helped boost my confidence. Char.Modeling is about helping others and giving them the encouragement and motivation they need by boosting their confidence and making them feel like real people. This is exactly what they have done for me and I’m sure many others.”

“I’m behind Char.Modeling because of her charming personality and her refreshing and creative work.”

~Yvens Joseph
“I believe the true meaning of Char.Modeling is to inspire and strive to be better, do better, and encourage others along the way. This site has touched the lives of many people in special ways because it uplifts and encourages them to do just that. And in doing good for others, it helps them to feel good themselves. It also has a fashion component that helps others to feel good about themselves and to express themselves through the clothes they wear. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. And, I think that’s what this site’s message is all about: helping to better yourself through helping others.”

~Miss Columbus 2017, Seychelle Hercules
“Hello, I’ve been knowing Charlotte for a few years now, from being her hairstylist to growing a friendly bond with her. This young lady has truly blossomed into a phenomenal model, who also has an amazing eye for fashion. I’m definitely here to support Char.Modeling because it gives you an inside look at a vision of an inspired model that provides you with sassy, classy, and a little fun in front of the camera. You rock, Ms. Charlotte!”

~Jalissa Marshall
“Char.Modeling stands for empowerment and positivity to not only young black women, but to all that seek to pursue a dream or calling in life. From start to finish, the site gives light to the eye and hope for new dreams to blossom! Great job, Char!”

~Jaris Tobler

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